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About Us
Viva Group of Companies was established in 2004 in Abu Dhabi, under the sponsorship of Mr. Ahmed Salem Mohamed Ali Maskari with the significant help of our dedicated team devoting every effort to provide better services in several important areas such as Transportation, Equipment Hiring and Supply of Diesel.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to services and enjoying long term relationships with all of our regular clients.

We seek to become the leading transportation company in the UAE. Our mission is to provide the highest quality transportation and logistics consulting service through identifying, training and retaining the industry’s top talent. Specifically, we strive to improve our clients’ business by building a positive legacy which can be built upon.
“In Viva Group of Companies, we believe that beginnings are always complex, whether at personal business levels or at a corporate level. Consequently, we work hard to overcome all difficulties that may
impede our way, because success has always been our key objective since the beginning of Viva Group of Companies and this positions us at the centre of the vast world of business.”

Abdullah Noor (Managing Director)
The business world has become enormous and highly competitive, therefore, survival would be for the best not for the strongest. In the world of diversified services that we provide in Viva Group of Companies, we aim to be the best in the eyes of our clients which is the ultimate goal to eternal success.